Semi Private Pilates and Group Reformer Classes in Singleton

Group Reformer Classes

Our Group Reformer classes are faster paced & more dynamic compared to the Semi-Private classes. Participants do the same exercise unless any modifications are required. These classes are great for general body maintenance and improving overall body conditioning. The aim of these classes is to work every muscle group of the body.

Duration: 50 minutes | Up to 8 people per class | No Initial Assessment required

8hr cancellation policy applies | Bookings essential

Memberships are the most cost effective way to join our Group Reformer Classes. Memberships are direct-debited monthly, with 14 days cancellation notice required.
Membership options:

Semi-Private Classes

Semi-private classes offer a tailored solution to your individual needs and are highly recommended for those who are new to Pilates. These sessions are capped at 3 people so that each client is given individual exercises relevant to their goals, requirements, and abilities.
Semi-private classes are suitable for everybody, from beginner to high-level athlete, pregnancy, seniors, and those wishing to recover from or prevent injury.

Duration: 1 hour | Up to 3 people per class | Initial one on one assessment required | 8hr cancellation policy applies | Bookings essential

Important Information

Socks must be worn for all classes.

Pilates grip socks are recommended and can be purchased from the studio.

Please wear comfortable clothing without jewellery or zips to protect upholstery.

Please avoid applying heavy body oils or moisturisers before the classes as slipping on the equipment can be dangerous.