Hi I’m Tash, Owner and Founder of Core Pilates Studio. I am the wife to my awesome Hubby Dave and Mum to our 3 cherubs Cooper, Flynn & Georgia. My love of Pilates started many years ago when I constantly had an aching back due to the work I was doing ( mobile spray tanning) Being in my early 20’s I knew my age wasn’t the cause of my problem but also knew i needed to find a form of exercise that was low impact due to a Hip injury I have as well as be enjoyable.

I discovered Studio Pilates and fell in love. My aches and pains went away, my body toned up and i felt stronger as well as happier (gotta love those endorphins).

Due to moving, having children and other commitments my Pilates visits were few and far between.

After the arrival of our third bub, I got back into Pilates to get back into shape as well as work on that dreaded Pelvic Floor. During these work outs I realised this is what I enjoy doing, this is what I was meant to do-open a Pilates Studio in the beautiful Hunter Valley, and help other people with their bodies.

I have obtained my Diploma of Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology through Tensegrity and am also a proud member of the APMA.

Together with my fabulous team who also love Pilates as much as I do, we can help you create a longer, leaner, stronger body.

Get in touch with me to see how I can help you fall in love with Pilates too.

What is pilates?

What is pilates?

Pilates emphasises your body’s core ( the Abdomen, Obliques, lower back, inner & outer thigh, bottom, pelvic floor & more) Pilates helps you develop strength, flexibility, co-ordination, muscular endurance, balance & better posture.

You won’t get bored during a Pilates session as the exercise can be progressed to challenge you more.

Studio Pilates is suitable for all age groups and levels of fitness, as exercises can be specifically tailored to your limitations and needs.

The studio uses 3 pieces of equipment:
Reformer, Trap Table & Combo Chair, as well as aids such as ball, discs and resistance bands to assist or challenge you more. The combination of equipment and aids ensures during your session you are experiencing a challenging and effective workout.

Our Group Reformer classes use quality equipment adjustable to any height as well as accessories to challenge you whilst breaking a sweat.

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